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Masters of Business Administration:

Course Objective:

Instill students with skills of curiosity, initiative, independence, reflection and knowledge transfer which will allow them to be in a position to manage new knowledge in their professional careers and to enhance their managerial effectiveness with superior written and oral communication.


Graduate in any steam or its equivalent in any discipline


2 Years

Course Structure:

Semester 1 Management Process and Organizational Behavior
Quantitative Method
Managerial Economics
Environment Analysis and Management
Managerial Skill Development
Accounting for Managers
Computer Application for Managers
Business ethics & CSR
        Semester 2 Business Policy and Strategic Analysis
Management Science
Human Resource Management
Financial Management
Marketing Management
Production and Operation Management
Research Methodology
International Business
          Semester 3 Business Legislation
Specialization1- Paper1
Specialization1- Paper2
Specialization1- Paper3
Specialization2- Paper1
Specialization2- Paper2
Specialization2- Paper3
          Semester 4 Decision Support System and Management Information System
Specialization1- Paper4
Specialization1- Paper5
Specialization1- Paper6
Specialization2- Paper4
Specialization2- Paper5
Specialization2- Paper6


Note:Student have to select Two Specializations from the given below options for the Semester III & IV.

List of Specializations:

1)      Marketing Management

2)      Finance Management

3)      Human Resource Management

4)      Information Technology Management