The MBA+ is an autonomous professional programme which provides in-depth conceptual understanding of the subject knowledge and practice of tools and techniques that govern the competitive business environments and overall improvement of skills and attitudes, making it a life-time experience.

Full Time: One year / Part Time: Two years

Eligibility Criteria
The applicants should be graduates/post graduates of any faculty or diploma holders having minimum three years work experience with English as passing subject.

Course structure
For higher level of absorption and understanding of subjects, the programme is divided into 5 individual continuous study modules focussing each subject and topic separately, maintaining continuity. Higher involvement is expected to be achieved through this.

Overview of syllabus

Post Graduate Degree Programmes

Part I

  • Module 1: Finance, Accounting & Costing
  • Module 2: Personnel, HRD, Industrial Relations, Business Law
  • Module 3: Production & Operations, Materials and Purchase, QC
  • Module 4: Psychology: Consumer, Industrial and Business, OB, Behavioural Sciences
  • Module 5: Sales & Marketing

Part II (Specialization)

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Psychology

Selection Procedure

The aspiring candidate are required to undergo a psychometric test to identify the traits of their personality. Personal interview and group discussion will follow to qualify the candidates completely.

Project Work

Each candidates will carry out project work within the stipulated period and shall submit the report duly completed under the guidance and support from the institute and shall then present it to an audience.

Field work

Each candidate will also carry out field work to observe, undergo and understand the actual functioning in practice.